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Church Family Prayer Requests:

Jack & Linda: Provison & Financial Deliverance
Charlotte: Kidney Stone
Mike: Healing (fluid in Lungs) 
Ron: Healing of bone & tissue in shoulders
Barb: Healing of Arthritis in Joints
Cindy: healing of ankle
Brenda (Linds'a sister): Healing of heart, kidneys, and arm
Brian & Allyson: Health, and Provision & Protection for their Farm 
Henry: Missy's Dad...Health & Healing of cancer
Darrell & Linda: Direction & Provision in Ministry

(Pray for Finances, Health, & Protection. Pray for many to be baptized, healed and delivered in the name of Jesus. Over each mission/missionary and country.)

Pastor Abraham: India, minstry, family, and children

Pastor Nephat & Margaret: Kenya, Muritti congregation

Pastor Michael & Joyce: Kenya, Runyenjes congregation

Pastor Justin Baini: Kenya, Chukka new congregation

Pastor Jim & Lucy: Kenya, Runjenyes congregation

Bishop Elias Njagi: Evangelist to Kenay & Tanzania

Pastor Joel Johanan Sastry: India, Orphanages & Churches

Pastor Aslerado: Philippines; healing of sister from motorcycle accident, provision, health, and protection in ministry

Pastor Ernie Matulac: Philippines

Nathan & Danielle: Missionaries to Zambia...Provision, Health, Travel, Protection

Nabiladean Gill: Pakistan, New Bible School, Bibles needed

Kenny Beers: Missionary to Cambodia...Provision, Health, Travel, Protection

Livio: Teacher in Kenya....Needs a permanent building for a school. Provision, Protection, Health for wife, baby, and himself.

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