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2016 Mission Vision & Goals:

  • A)August 1st – August 19th a team of 7 on the ground in Kenya. 
  • B)Follow Up Work with 3 Congregations; Runyenjes, Muritti, and Meru
  • C)Preach the Gospel August 7th – 8th in Runyenjes, August 11th - 12th in Muritti, & August 14th & 15th in Meru. 
  • D)119 baptisms in August of 2015. We are believing for 150 baptisms in 2016
  • E)Train Sunday School Teachers on new curriculum for the children for the year. 
  • F)Install Solar Panels & Generator in Runyenjes congregation.
  • G)Deliver Chairs, Bibles, Sunday School Material, and Sound Systems to each church. 
  • H)Assess each congregations needs. Research securing permanent property and structures for each church. 
  • I)Provide Training & Encouragement for staff and each church. 
  • J)Establish relationship with Biblica Kenya for steady supply of bibles & resources from Nairobi to each congregation.
  • TOTAL COST for a Team of 7 on the ground in August (Airfare, Food, Transportation, Lodging), monthly pastor support, and bibles sent monthly is $31,000.00.

​Current Supported Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelist:
Meru Congregation – Pastor Julius
Muritti Congregation – Pastor Nephat
Runyenjes Congregation – Pastor/Evangelist Michael 
Runyenjes Congregation –Pastor Jim
Embu Congregation - Pastor/Evangelist Elias

Currently Supplying Bibles to:

(Pray for Finances, Health, & Proctection. Pray for many to be baptized, healed and deliered in the name of Jesus. Over each mission/missionary and country.)

Pastor Julius: Kenya, Meru congregation
Pastor Nephat & Margaret: Kenya, Muritti congregation
Pastor Michael & Joyce: Kenya, Runyenjes congregation
Pastor Justin Baini: Kenya, Chukka new congregation
Pastor Jim & Lucy: Kenya, Runjenyes congregation
Bishop Elias Njagi: Evangelist to Kenay & Tanzania
Pastor Joel Johanan Sastry: India, Orphanages & Churches
Pastor Ammu Raju: India, Orphanages, churches, & street ministry
Pastor Ernie Matulac: Phillipines
Nathan & Danielle: Missionaries to Zambia...Provision, Health, Travel, Protection
Kenny Beers: Missionary to Cambodia...Provision, Health, Travel, Protection 
Tim, Missy, Hannah, Jacob, Ben, Jack, & Linda: Chancey Road Team to Kenya & India, Pray for provision for return trip to Kenya for follow up work. Pray for provision for trip to India to work with Joel. 

Mission Support:
If God is leading you to support the mission work outlined on this page with a financial gift here is how you do that:
1) Make your check payable to "the Church at Chancey Road" 
2) in the memo line write "kenya"
3) mail your check to "the Church at Chancey Road" 
PO Box 1848., Zephryhills, Fl. 33539